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BSI Certified OHSAS Auditor

Tap Root Certification

Rapport Leadership


In the mining industry, quality and safety are paramount.  At Swapp Construction Inc.,  this is demonstrated by looking at our record:  Over 32 years, and over 1,000,000 man hours without a lost time incident.  This is a direct result of the combined commitment of our team and that of the surrounding industry. Some attributes that have assisted us over the past years include: Increased education that we have received and implemented company wide, engineering controls, increased involvement of everyone in the company and our continued client involvement have allowed us to continue this trend. 


As the industry grows and behaviors change, we will address emerging issues and look for new tools and technologies to improve our awareness and prevent incidents.  We will accomplish this by expanding our safety partnerships and by providing tools for safety advocates to work in partnership with us.  We will continue our strong relationships with local government agencies and safety professionals to make working in the industry safer than ever in order to save lives, reduce injuries and lower risks to environmental hazards.  

Safety Statistics


2010 TRIR 0.00

2011 TRIR 0.00

2012 TRIR 2.28

2013 TRIR 0.00

2014 TRIR 0.00

2015 TRIR 0.00




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